About Me

I think it would only be fair to introduce myself to you. As you might want to know who is this woman pouring her heart out.

I am a 50 years old, Turkish/Canadian woman, happily married to my handsome Canadian husband. I have an amazing son who is 24 years old and two wonderful stepsons who are 24 and 22.

I have been an Executive Assistant for twenty years and worked with many top executives in Turkey and then later in Canada, after moving here a little more than a decade ago. 

At the moment I am on a break from my professional work life. I just want to be myself, maybe change my career altogether and try something completely different, or go back to school for a while, not sure yet. I am sure of one thing though; the Universe will show me the way, and what is best for me to do. 

And I cannot wait to find out what that would be.